Cambridge University Revolver and Pistol Club (CURPC) is a small and friendly club. We focus on shooting air pistols and gallery rifle, but often participate in other disciplines thanks to our relationships with other shooting clubs in the country. .

Training sessions are every Wednesday 20:00-22:00 and Saturday 15:00-17:00, often with socials in a local pub or the Hawks' club afterwards. The club competes in a variety of competitions throughout the year ranging from local leagues and postal matches up to national competitions and our two Varsity matches against Oxford.

The club's ultimate aim is to be something its members enjoy. There is no minimum commitment - whether you want to compete internationally, or just want to do some shooting for fun, you will be very welcome in the club. We often break up the serious training with some fun exercises and competitions, including themed shoots throughout the year. It's never too late to join, so if you want to come down for a taster session, feel free to email the Committee.

Imperial Meeting 2013

The Imperial Meeting marked the end of the club shooting season, with an intensive four days of gallery rifle in the middle of July. This culminates in the Oxford & Cambridge Match, which is otherwise known as the summer or fullbore varsity. Three other cups are also contested annually between the two clubs. This year, we beat Oxford with a score of 1488-1389, retaining the varsity trophy for the fourth year running. We also won two out of the other three university cups that were contested at Imperial.

Aug 28, 2013