Varsity - Gallery Rifle

The first revolver (full-bore) varsity match between Oxford and Cambridge took place in 1908 at the NRA Imperial meeting and was officially incorporated into the programme in 1909 with the first win going to Cambridge.

Despite the handgun ban of 1997, the full-bore varsity is still contested at the Imperial Meeting every summer, although it is now shot as the 'Oxford and Cambridge Match' using centre-fire gallery rifles (known as GRCF, the .357" under-lever rifles). The match is shot in teams of 4 usually following either the 'centre-fire pistol' course of fire (30 rounds precision, 30 rounds duelling) or the 'Scott Medal' course (20 rounds of precision with 5 sighters).

Below are listed the results and match reports from the new Oxford and Cambridge Match. For the results of the old revolver match, please visit this page.

2014 Oxford 1462 Cambridge 1492
2013 Oxford 1389 Cambridge 1488
2012 Oxford 701 Cambridge 742
2011 Oxford 701 Cambridge 739
2010 Oxford 658 Cambridge 722
2009 Oxford 335 Cambridge 334
2008 Oxford 682 Cambridge 639
2007 Oxford 1099 Cambridge 894
2006 Oxford 577 Cambridge 736
2005 Oxford 666 Cambridge 710
2004 Oxford   Cambridge 709
2003 Oxford   Cambridge  
2002 Oxford   Cambridge  
2001 Oxford   Cambridge  
1999 Oxford   Cambridge  
1998 Oxford   Cambridge  

Match Reports


Match Oxford Cambridge
Oxford & Cambridge (Varsity) 1389 1488
Fairbairn 377 453
Peel 1072 1165
McGivern 572 566

Captain Jonny arrived early to the meeting with the club equipment and tent. The rest of the club would arrive over the next two days, in order to get plenty of practice in before the matches began. This year, Oxford also arrived early with similar plans in mind, showing that they were serious about ending their losing streak.
Initial results during training were not so promising, but before long, everyone settled in and began posting impressive scores. The first of the matches was the Peel Cup which took place on the Saturday. This was shot in two details, with two members of each club shooting shoulder to shoulder per detail. The Peel Cup was a challenging match, requiring shooters to fire a shot during a 2 second exposure, and two shots in 3 second exposures. This was no problem for Cambridge, who outclassed Oxford with a score of 1165-1072, with Jonny Waite top scoring 294 ex. 300
Following this was the McGivern cup match, the only match to be shot with the .22 Ruger rifles. Unfortunately, Oxford took the match, although the score of 572-566 shows how close the match was. The third match, the Fairbairn Cup, was contested over the Saturday and Sunday. Cambridge again gave a dominating performance, winning with a score of 453-377, top scorer Han Yan with 117 ex. 120.
After the shooting on Saturday had concluded, both teams joined the British Alpine Rifles (who were holding their summer meeting concurrently with the Imperial) for an evening picnic on Century range. Efforts by Oxford alumni to ply Cambridge shooters with beer were largely unsuccessful. Both teams decided to retire to bed reasonably early, however any attempts to sleep were thwarted by a loud wedding party being held in the nearby pavilion, as well as a disco in another location within earshot.
Sunday morning came quickly, with shooters on both teams no doubt feeling nervous and tired from the lack of sleep. Both captains agreed to change the course of fire for the Oxford & Cambridge match by adding a duelling series. The match was shot shoulder to shoulder, with two shooters from each team per detail. Jonny and Alex, the two most experienced shooters were first, shooting alongside Oxford's Gil-Ad and Gareth. Next up were Han and Aline, who were the novices of the team (it was Han's first Imperial meeting, and Aline's first year in the club), shooting alongside Philip and Oliver. Aline shot a 6 in her first card, but quickly recovered to post an amazing 97 ex. 100 in her second card, the highest individual card score of the match. At this point, it became obvious that Cambridge was ahead, and all team had to do was to hold its nerve during the duelling part. This was easy for the well disciplined team and we extended our lead to a final score of 1488-1389. Han Yan took the highest score of 382 ex. 400.
Following the varsity match, Jonny shot the Cotterill Trophy match for air pistol and went on to win it with a score of 540 ex. 600, earning himself his own trophy to take home. This marked the end of a highly successful summer varsity week, with the club keeping to recent tradition by giving one match away to keep Oxford coming back for more.

The club dedicated the varsity win to coach Herb Teachey, for whom this was his last varsity before he returns to the United States. The club also welcomes Jim Hawkins as the new club coach.


Match Oxford Cambridge
Oxford & Cambridge (Varsity) 701 742
Universities Aggregate ? ?
Fairbain ? ?
Peel ? ?
McGivern ? ?

The Varsity match was shot by Jonathan Waite (cpt), Alexander Hackmann, Stefan Kuppen and David Firth. This year the Gallery Rifle section of the Imperial had undergone a bit of an overhaul, so was meant to be a day shorter and some courses of fire ended up a little different. At Oxford's suggestion, the Varsity match was also different, now 10 precision and 10 duelling to count (each with 5 sighters). On top of this half of Oxford's team of four hadn't been to the Imperial before, so everything was new! This year we had developed a accurate and stylish load for our .38" rounds, using 'gold' bullets from our sponsors, H&N. We had also switched to more powerful .22" ammunition after a weak batch of Geco left the Rugers jamming almost every shot. Although our kit was sorted, our team was a little thin on the ground as only 2 members weren't involved in the Target Rifle shooting (including the captain himself!). However, those that joined us from CURA were good shots, with David Firth shooting the Varsity 3 days after first picking up a Marlin! Tom French dropped by and was thrown straight into the Peel and gruelling 72 shot Fairbain, again shooting well. This all combined to give us clear (sometimes embarrassing) wins in almost every match. In annoying tradition, we lost one match. This year it was the Peel when a notch in the innards of a Marlin caused it to stick for Sophie. Due to the size of the rifles, she couldn't clear it and dropped a few shots. She made up for it massively though when she shot the Fairbain, this time with a short stocked Marlin that was kindly lent to her, and shot a score that nearly equalled the guys that had been practising all term! The club will definitely be investing in some shorter stocks this year. Sophie also entered the Cotterill with Jonny, where they finished 4th and 3rd respectively after the Mundays had an unexpected bad day.


Match Oxford Cambridge
Oxford & Cambridge (Varsity) 701 739
Universities Aggregate ? ?
Fairbain ? ?
Peel ? ?
McGivern ? ?

The Varsity match was shot by Clark Barrett, Jonathan Waite, Alexander Hackmann and Tom French. After last year we expected Oxford to come after us in the 720s, so we trained hard at Bedford (and even Birmingham!) until we were expecting to shoot in the 750s. This paid off and we had a clear win. Most of the other matches were the same, except for the McGivern. After a year of learning and worrying about the Marlin .357"s, as well as an evening in a tent stripping and cleaning them, they worked well in all the matches. But this left the Rugers neglected, and with the low power Geco ammunition we normally use we had a few jams when it mattered. Sophie Reed (cpt) and Jonathan Waite entered the Cotterill and posted good scores. We also had a significant number of recent alumni, up to 4 or 5 towards the weekend.


140th NRA Imperial Meeting:
Well done to the CURPC team, and to everyone who shot for Cambridge at this year's NRA Imperial meet. The scores are available on the NRA website for those interested. Despite the lack of silverware, everyone shot well - especially considering the difficult conditions with the guns. The Oxford vs. Cambridge match was also extremely closely fought with the other side wining by only a single point. There were also four individual AP and LSR NRA medals to bring home under the CURPC banner, including gold in the Scott Medals and a 4th place ranking for James Bullock in the Cotterill trophy, the main AP match.


138th NRA Imperial Meeting:
We won the Thompson Quaich Cup with a score of 1362 against Oxford's 1331


135th NRA Imperial Meeting:
Great performance by the CURPC team, and an impressive collection of silverware!

Trophy/match Total score Highest scorer

University Team Aggregate

424/1600 E.Kotsovinos 366/400

Oxford and Cambridge Match

709/800 K.Smith 182/200

Universities Gallery Match

2140/2400 K.Smith 550/600

Fairburn Cup

790/960 K.Smith 215/240

Thomas Quaich

2062/2400 C.Liu 530/600

Universities Team Aggregate: 20 shots duelling exposures on Gallery Rifle ("Granet" match: series of 5 shots, 3 second exposure, 7 second spacing), to give a score ex. 200.
Oxford and Cambridge Match: Shot on Gallery Rifle, this is a straightforward match, where teams have 20 minutes to take 20 shots on a regular PL7 target at 25m. This is known as a "Scott" match; but Oxford and Cambridge's entries are counted towards this Varsity Match. Universities Gallery Match: The combination of the Oxford and Cambridge and Universities Team Aggregate matches to give a score ex. 400
Fairbairn Cup:
Shot on Gallery Rifle, this is a most unusual course of fire. The targets advance from 25 yards to 10 yards, while the competitor places three rounds on the two targets. This is repeated to give a score out of 240.
Thompson Quaich: A regular Standard Handgun course on Air Pistols. Scores ex. 600 Individuals: In individuals, L. Stanning was 6th in the Cotterill Match, scoring 549/600. In the same competition, C. Liu was 9th with 530/600, and J. Capes and Kate Smith were 10th and 11th with 517 and 516/600 respectively.


134th NRA Imperial Meeting:
This year we won the McGivern Cup. Using Lightweight Sporting Rifles, Evangelos Kotsovinos 148, Ioannis Chatzigeorgiou 146, Kate Smith 145, and Ben Arnold 138 (all ex 150) beat Oxford. They shot at 25 Metres on Silhouette targets (disruptive charging man) 5 shots in 10 seconds ; 5 shots in 8 seconds and 5 shots in 6 seconds, beating them by a small margin. Cambridge lost the Air pistol (Cotteril) almost by default as we had not been given the correct squad time and having to shoot together (all 8 of us!) Ben and Kate were sharing a gun, and when the match started Lauras Morini packed up and she was left to shoot with a right handed Drulov using her left hand! Jacqueline Capes shot well and led Cambridge scores with 533 ex 600 and was placed 10th out of 23. Even putting our best scores in, we would not have won, as it was Oxford 2085, Cambridge 2026.