Club News


Jonathan Waite won the Cotterill Trophy in 2014.


Bedfordshire Open Air Gun Meeting
Five of us attended on Saturday 26th January. Captain Jonny Waite shot a below par 529 ex 600 on account of having been in a rowing race shortly before leaving for Bedford, but the others shot well. For all of them this was their first real match and none of them let the pressure affect their shooting. Stewart Forshaw was winning Class C at the end of Saturday with 512, closely followed by Djelal Osman with 492 and Sam Blayney with 482. Matilda also finished top of Class D with 484, despite suffering a penalty for putting an extra shot into one of her cards. In all it was a good shoot and a nice introduction for everyone to competitive air pistol shooting.


BAR Autumn Championships
Between the 20th and 22nd October we joined the British Alpine Rifles in Switzerland with our biggest group yet. Along with an equal contingent from Oxford we spent the weekend firing a variety of full-bore pistols, both semi-automatics and revolvers. The highlight of the trip was an impromptu Varsity match, shot over the aggregates of the Kett, Montgomery and PP1 courses of fire. Cambridge won quite convincingly, taking home the fullbore pistol trophy that was last contested in Han stayed on for the rest of the week to shoot more pistols and rifles.

Shooter Kett M'gomery PP1 Total
J. Waite 105 68 215 388
H. Yan 105 66 273 444
A. Davies 97 58 179 334
J. Lee 75 54 262 391
S. Kuppen 96 66 217 379
Total 1936
G. Schwartz 78 61 240 379
D. Main 9128 46 225 399
P. Young 27 56 242 325
J. More 29 24 135 188
S. Weller 105 57 232 394
Total 1685

Muzzle Loading
The club has regained its muzzle loading revolver from Oxford's safes and is currently applying for Home Office Approval for it. For now it is held by Tony Garwood, the club President, at Bedford Range. After a little practice there, Jonny used the pistol at the Imperial and achieved some not terrible scores!

British Airguns
Vin Shen Ban, Sophie Reed and Jonathan Waite attended. As ever, Vin shot very well (despite minor distraction from Minerva Singh of OUPC) while Jonny and Sophie finished near the top of their classes in the aggregate and in top spots of the rapid fire.

NSRA Team Winter League
CURPC's team of Vin Shen Ban, Sophie Reed and Jonathan Waite finished just 2 points behind Division 3 winners Norwich City B.

Faded Blues Match
The inaugural return match for the Past vs. Present, held in Cambridge in January, was well attended by CURPC and alumni of both clubs (regrettably OUPC could only send one member). The theme was 'zombie invasion', so in the long range we had the rapid fire section of the standard pistol course and a 'El Presidente' course on zombie targets. In the short range we had more normal targets, either trying to smash (or even shoot through the hole of) a polo or circumnavigating (tens count as 0!). Followed by a formal dinner at Murray Edwards, the whole day was great fun.


British Alpine Rifles Autumn Meeting
Han Yan, Clark Barrett and Pradipta Biswas travelled to Switzerland where they joined former captain James Bullock and Herb Teachey to shoot handguns and semi-automatic assault rifles. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the chance to shoot full-bore pistols and an informal revolver 'Varsity' match was shot between the members of CURPC and OUPC present, mainly alumni. The Cambridge shooters even made use of the revolver used in the very first revolver Varsity.
British Airgun Championships
Vin reports: "This year the Varsity Match clashed with the Airgun Championships, so I had to travel to Bisley on Friday for the 10m Five Target, 10m Standard and the first leg of the 10m Air Pistol matches, return to Cambridge that same evening, shoot in the Varsity Match the next morning, before heading out to Bisley again to complete the rest of my matches there. All these when I was having a terrible cold and almost coughed my lungs out! Considering my lack of preparation in [the rapid fire] disciplines (as I was focusing on the Varsity Match), I was quite pleased with my performances."
His most notable results were:
10m Standard – 342 ex.400, 5th place
10m Air Pistol (aggregate) – 1087 ex.1200, 4th place
Universities Championships – 540 ex.600, 2nd place
Sophie Reed travelled to the Netherlands and shot personal bests on every day of the competition. The competition was high and friendly as usual, so Sophie not only had fun but learnt a few useful tips.


Six Counties Air Pistol Competition '10:
Congratulations to the Cambridgeshire team on winning this year's Six Counties shoot that took place in Norwich. It's the first time ever that Cambridgeshire have taken the trophy - with a winning team consisting 3 quarters of CURPC members (Cheng Liu: 551, James Bullock: 543 and Vin Shen Ban: 536).

Cambridge .177 April Open Meeting:
CURPC picked up 2nd (James Bullock 530/600) and 3rd (Vin Shen Ban 525/600) place in class D in this years April meeting.

NSRA National Inter-County Winter League 2009/2010:
Cambridgeshire TSC A came top of division 5 (and 7) of the NSRA national winter league postal match, featuring two CURPC shooters (James Bullock av264 and Chris Clemente av261). Other teams in div. 5 were: Somerset SSA A, Berkshire County SBR&PA, Cumbria & Northumbria B and Bedfordshire SBSA B.

ESSU Air Pistol League 2009/10:
Division 3 postal match was won by CURPC/ESSU member James Bullock with nine wins out of ten and a 5296 aggregate score.

Intershoot (The Hague):
Intershoot is held at the Sporthal Ockenburgh in The Hague and is a major international air gun competition with teams sent from around 16 different countries. CURPC are one of the few clubs that also regularly sends a team to this event. This year, one member of CURPC, James Bullock shot in the championship, although this year representing England, scoring a respectable 544 on the second day! The competition takes place over three days and each day involves a separate 60 shot 10m match, complete with Olympic final for the top 8 shooters.


Cambridge .177 November Open Meeting:
Congratulations to Chris Clemente who came second in class E with a score of 537/600.

Six Counties Air Pistol Competition:
This match was held in Romford between Essex, Hertfordshire and Cambridge. CURPC was represented by Cheng Liu, who registered the top score for the county team with a very impressive 549/600!

NSRA British Pistol Championships:
Team gold for CURPC in the 25m standard pistol event at the NSRA British Pistol Championships! There were also some good individual scores in the 25m sport pistol event including two personal bests and a 4th place (cat B) score of 553/600 for James Bullock. See here for the Varsity newspaper match report.

Welsh Airgun Association  10m Open Championships:
This was a good weekend and proved a great opportunity for some serious match experience against extremely strong competition. Many thanks again to Mick Gault and the Steyr team for their help and advice with match and the guns!

Freshers' Match:
Congratulations to everyone who shot in the annual CURPC freshers' match and in particular to Vin - this year's winner who scored a very impressive 170/200! The final scores are listed below and are very encouraging considering everyone has been shooting for only a few weeks now - so well done! Full scores: 170 V. Ban, 168 J. Taylor, 156 S. Reed, 146 J. Blackstone, 138 R. Bowers, 98 E. Kirby, 97 A. Jones, 95 M. Sommerfeld.

Cambridge .177 November Open Meeting:
Two members of CURPC entered the Cambridge .177 November meeting, which incorporated the Cambridgeshire confined county championships.

Past and Present Match:
This year's P&P proved a great day out, with a typically unusual course of fire that included two rounds of 'non-standard pistol' and some clay pigeon gallery rifle centrefire! Despite the present marginally losing out to the past team (as usual…) the day was pretty successful with CURPC taking home the novice trophy (won by James Blackstone) and the 'wine prize' (won by James Bullock).

Handicap Match:
The Handicap results are as follows with the tankard winner as.... Pradipta with a very impressive 219! This represents a strong improvement over the term, moving from 135 to 154 in the final, so well done! Everyone shot very well - with particular mention going to Vin who shot a 177 in the final. The scoring system means that every point dropped from your average (in most cases taken from the freshers' match score, ex 200) is added to the final - and hence designed to give a measure of improvement. For anyone who didn't shoot yesterday, the last 20 shot card scored was used. Complete scores: Pradipta 219, Vin 207, Sophie 207, Jase 197, Dominique 196, James 192, Emma 188, Chris 188, Clark 187, James Bl 184


Freshers' Match:
Six people shot the Freshers' Match, and the scores are below: James: 87%, Chris: 79%, Ying Hsuan: 76%, Mihaela: 70%, Sean: 68%, Pradipta: 29%. The winner for the Freshers' Match is James Bullock, with a score of 87%. However, these are some of the highest ever scores in a beginners' match, so well shot to all!


Past and Present Match:
Cheng Liu achieved the highest score of 775, giving the Cambridge Present team the highest score. This was followed by Heinrich Harke with a score of 773 for the Past team and Will Manley from the Oxford Present team came in third with a score of 700. Great success!


Intershoot (The Hague):
This is an annual international competition held in The Hague during the first week in February. Club members are given the unique chance to shoot against teams from countries all over the world.

This year everyone shot very well, and a special mention should go to Laura Stanning (Emmanuel College) who shot her way to an Olympic final on two of the three days, finishing in 2nd place on the final day. The ladies team came away with three medals, a silver from the first day and two golds from days two and three.

Although there is a minimum standard to enter this competition it is a really relaxed atmosphere. There is always the opportunity to improve your shooting and enjoy the success and excitement of a 'real' competition.