Club Committee 2016-17

President - Tony Garwood
Vice President - Richard Munday
Senior Treasurer - Prof. Marian Holness

Captain - Jonathan Waite
Secretary - Adam Colbourne
Junior Treasurer - Bonan Zhu
Ladies Captain - Sophie Reed
Rifle Captain - Nathan Bricault
Webmaster - James Cowley

Any member of the club can nominate themselves for a committee position. The captain for the following year is chosen by the current captain and the president.

An incomplete list of club captains is as follows:
2015-16 Nicky Soane (Downing)
2014-15 Stewart Forshaw (King's)
2013-14 Alexander Hackmann (King's)
2012-13 Jonathan P. Waite (Clare)
2011-12 Sophie Reed (Murray Edwards)
2010-11 Vin Shen Ban (Christs)
2009-10 James M. R. Bullock (Clare)
2008-09 Daniel Kumbang (Queens)
2007-08 Cheng Liu (Gonville & Caius)
2006-07 Xueni Zhu (New Hall)
2005-06 Nicole Taylor (Jesus)
1997-2005 No records
1996-97 Beatrix von Meier (Girton)
1995-96 Stuart J. Ince (Sidney Sussex)
1994-95 Graham Simpson (Girton)
1993-94 Eryl T. Done (Girton)
1992-93 Mike Marrison (Downing)
1991-92 Aidan Gibson (Jesus)
1990-91 Matt Whiting (Caius)
1989-90 Anthony Cross (Clare)